Dental implants are a permanent, natural-looking solution if you have broken or missing teeth. A dental implant consists of a titanium post that acts like the root of a missing tooth. The implant helps anchor dental crowns, dental bridges, or dentures. The Implant-supported replacement teeth are the most important, most lifelike, and durable choice available. As the dental implant procedure doesn't affect your healthy teeth, it is a conventional treatment solution for replacing missing or broken teeth.

The complete implant procedure is performed right here in our dental office. Our team of dentists at Eldridge Dental, with the help of advanced technology, will make sure that you will receive detailed, efficient, and minimally invasive treatment.

What are the various steps involved in undergoing a Dental Implant?

The initial step in the dental implant process is the creation of an individualized treatment plan for you. The plan will try to cater to your specific needs and is prepared by our expert team of dental professionals who are specially trained and experienced in oral and restorative dentistry. This team approach provides synchronized care based on the implant option that is best for you.

Next, the tooth root implant, a small titanium post, is surgically inserted into the missing tooth's bone socket. As the jawbone begins healing, it grows around the implanted metal post, attaching itself firmly in the jaw. The healing process will take anywhere between six to twelve weeks. Once the implant has fused to the jawbone, a small connector post called an abutment is attached to the post to hold the new tooth securely. To make the new tooth or teeth, our dentist makes impressions of your teeth and creates a model of your bite. A replacement restoration, called a crown, is then attached to the abutment.

Your dentist also will match the shade of the replacement teeth with your original teeth. As the implant is fixed within the jawbone, the replacement teeth look, feel, and function just like your own natural teeth.

Once your implant surgery is finished, you will be fitted with durable, temporary teeth. As the implant heals, your final teeth will be created in our high-quality dental lab. This lab produces high-quality, durable, and aesthetic teeth restorations that look natural.

The dentists at Eldridge Dental will place the permanent teeth, ensuring the fit, feel, and functions are perfect. The aesthetics of the teeth are checked, ensuring the new teeth blend in with your natural teeth. We will also ensure your bite is ideal after integrating the new teeth. 

What are the benefits of Dental Implants?

The biggest advantage of a dental implant is the fact that an implant can handle the same chewing pressure as a tooth root. The pressure from chewing into your jawbone, in turn, promotes bone growth and preserves bone volume and density. If not for this pressure, bone loss will occur. The other advantage of a dental implant is that you can have a tooth, or multiple teeth, replaced without affecting the adjacent, healthy teeth. Dental implants are durable and are long-lasting, and when cared for properly, they can last you a lifetime.

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