Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry

One of the most common phobias among Americans is visiting a dentist. Many of these anxieties develop from a false notion that going to the dentist is always uncomfortable and includes a lot of pain. But we at Eldridge Dental work hard to change that way of thinking by providing a comfortable, safe, and welcoming environment for patients. However, sometimes that isn't enough. Some people may experience dental fear and anxiety for other reasons, such as fear of needles, traumatic experience in the past or breathing problems, etc.

It's essential to communicate with your dentist precisely what makes you feel stressed, anxious, or fearful. We will work with you to help eliminate those feelings by offering you sedation dentistry.

What are the various kinds of Sedation Dentistry?

  • Oral sedation:Patients with very mild to moderate dental fear and to undertake a minimally painful procedure are ideal candidates for oral sedation. The oral medication should be taken just half an hour before treatment. It does not put the patient to sleep or eliminate the pain of the procedure, while it does lessen the patient's fear and anxiety. To assist you in pain relief, the dentist can use a local anesthetic to numb the affected area. The patient will not sense any pain but only feel the pressure of tugging or pulling of the dental tools. We at Eldridge Dental will make sure even these sensations don't bother you.
  • Nitrous Oxide:It is also commonly known as laughing gas; nitrous oxide is an excellent choice for patients with extreme dental fear and anxiety. It is also used for children who have a difficult time sitting still during their dental appointment. Our trained dentist administers this type of sedation in our dental office. A mask is fitted over the patient's nose, and they inhale a colorless, odorless gas that most times makes the patient giggle. These effects will last as long as the patient inhales the gas. Nitrous oxide does not necessarily put the patient to sleep, but it does send them in a dreamlike state, so they feel comfortable and carefree throughout the duration of the procedure. Once the procedure is finished, the dentist administers 100 percent oxygen to remove the gas from the patient's system. The patient is perfectly fit to drive themselves to and from the dentist's office.
  • IV Sedation:In IV, intravenous sedation is delivered intravenously into the bloodstream. This is helpful for patients who are undergoing long and complex procedures like oral surgery. Our dental team continuously monitors the patients throughout the procedure. In most cases, the patient may not even remember the procedure once they wake up. This is an enormous benefit for those with extreme fear of dental procedures because it removes the probability of trauma and negative feelings towards the dentist. The patient may even begin to see the dentist in a completely different light. Patients must fast for a minimum of at least eight hours before their dental procedure. Once the procedure is complete, the medication will take some time to wear off, so it is advised for patients to bring someone to drive them home.

Why should you choose us?

In order to experience all of the benefits of Sedation Dentistry, you must choose a dentist with the necessary qualifications to give you sedation. We at Eldridge Dental have the necessary skill and training required to provide these services. Our entire dental team works in coordination to make everyone who walks through our doors feel welcome and relaxed at our dental practice.

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