Dentures are removable replacement devices for the missing teeth and surrounding tissues, helping you bring back your smile. Dentures are fabricated to look similar to your natural teeth closely, so there should be only a minor noticeable change in your appearance. Nevertheless, with the latest advancement in dental technology, your dentures look more natural than ever. The reasons for tooth loss could be gum disease, tooth decay, or injury, and replacing missing teeth will benefit your appearance and health. Hence, dentures not only improve your smile but also help maintain your facial appearance. They also have other restorative benefits.

What are the different types of Dentures?

  • Complete Dentures:They are also called full dentures and help replace all of your natural teeth. They can be secured to your top or bottom gum line and are anchored in place with the help of an oral adhesive. This can be either conventional or immediate dentures. To get fitted with this type of denture, all the remaining teeth present in the mouth have to be extracted and allow for the tissues to heal. A conventional denture is ready for fitting after eight to twelve weeks after the teeth are removed. Immediate dentures are manufactured beforehand and can be fixed as soon as the teeth are extracted. For immediate dentures, there is no waiting period required, and the dentist will take measurements and make models of your jaw during a prior visit. This helps the patient to be with temporary teeth during the healing period following the tooth extraction. But the only disadvantage of immediate dentures as compared with conventional dentures is that they need more alterations to fit properly during the healing process and normally should only be considered an interim solution until conventional dentures can be made.
  • Partial dentures: These dentures are used when the adjacent natural teeth are not strong enough to support other appliances such as a dental bridge or when multiple teeth are absent. A removable partial denture usually comprises replacement teeth mounted to a pink or gum-colored plastic base, which is secured by a metal framework that holds the denture in place in the mouth. A partial denture helps replace one or more teeth by placing crowns on the teeth on both sides of the gap and attaching artificial teeth to them. This bridge is then secured into position. Partial dentures also stop the other teeth from shifting position. Partial dentures are removable and have internal attachments rather than clasps that hold on to the adjacent crowns. This is a more natural appliance.

What are the benefits of Dentures?

  • Missing teeth spoil the aesthetics of a smile. If you feel self-conscious about opening up your mouth, dentures can help you regain confidence in your appearance. 
  • These false teeth imitate your natural teeth so you can smile freely without fear of what other people will think. 
  • Dentures also reduce sagging in your face, which can knock years off of your appearance.
  • You can eat and talk as you usually would without discomfort. 
  • They are easy to clean and maintain.
  • They can further prevent oral health issues.Even if you have only one missing tooth,  it increases your risk for specific oral health issues like gum disease.

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