Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry can help revitalize a smile that has lost its shine over the years, and it can also fix any other cosmetic issues to restore your smile to its previous original beauty. Cosmetic dentistry uses cutting-edge technology to help shape and contour your teeth while also enhancing your smile. Not only do cosmetic services help boost your self-confidence and satisfaction with your outward appearance, but they also can improve your oral health and restore your teeth to their best form.

At Eldridge Dental, your oral health is our top concern. We will be delighted to extend our services to help restore the aesthetic of your smile after making sure that all the other vital parameters of your dental health are fine. Cosmetic dentistry is a comprehensive service that covers a variety of specific dentistry services. Some of these services include the following:

  • Teeth Whitening:

In due course of our lives, a realization may dawn on us that our smile is not as white and sparkling as it used to be. The dullness and discoloration of your teeth can happen due to various reasons, such as your love for beverages like tea, coffee, or red wine, or you have changed your toothpaste and mouthwash routine. It is a common desire to have a sparkling set of shiny white teeth. The whitening services at Eldridge Dental will help bring back that gorgeous, bright shine to your teeth. Our teeth whitening services go just beyond removing the surface stains. We use a peroxide-based compound to remove the tough stains and offer a deep cleansing of the teeth. The teeth whitening procedure can also help improve the aesthetic of your smile if your teeth have become dark due to the natural aging process, root canals, or other injuries. Teeth whitening will not only restore the aesthetic of your smile, but it will also raise your self-esteem and have you smiling all day.

  • Reshaping and Contouring

Dental reshaping and contouring are becoming a cheaper alternative to the other more expensive dental treatments. It includes reshaping and changing the position of your teeth to enhance your smile. This process involves removing minor overlaps in your teeth, scraping away tartar and plaque that has accumulated in high-risk areas, and even making your teeth look straighter. Reshaping and contouring your teeth can be effective in fixing minor dental issues and small aesthetic problems. 

  • Veneers

Veneers are thin shells secured to the front of your teeth, and they are manufactured from a wide range of assorted materials such as composite, ceramic, and porcelain veneers. Since these materials do not change color or stain, your new caps will ensure you have a bright smile for years to come. The veneers are long-lasting and help hide the imperfections of your teeth.

  • Dental Implants

A missing tooth replaced by a dental implant, not only does it look and feel like a regular tooth, but it is designed for total durability and can even last a lifetime. Older adults who are considering dentures or other appliances can quickly and safely move to a complete set of dental implants, which offer a gorgeous smile, minimize cleaning efforts, and make eating a less painful process. 

Many cosmetic procedures can be pretty costly and time-consuming, but their overall benefits are more than worth the investment. These procedures not only do they improve the oral health of your mouth but can also increase your self-confidence and enable you to live a comfortable life. Cosmetic dentistry is an option worth giving a try for anyone who suffers tooth or gum pain or is self-conscious about their smile and wants to fix it.

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