URGENT! What Is Your Dental Practice Doing To Prevent You From Getting COVID-19

URGENT! What Is Your Dental Practice Doing To Prevent You From Getting COVID-19

Posted by Eldridge Dental on Aug 3 2020, 12:37 AM

The current pandemic has affected everyone in the country in how we carry out our normal day-to-day life. At Eldridge Dental we would like to discuss some of the measures that we are taking to make your trip to our office less stressful. Many patients are often surprised to find out that many of the measures that are being taken to protect patients and staff against the spread of diseases such as COVID-19 are the same measures that dentists have been using for years.

The measures we use at our office to ensure your safety are:

  • Proper Hand Washing Techniques before and after seeing each patient
  • Proper Sterilization Techniques of non-disposable instruments and ensuring disposable products never get reused. At Eldridge Dental we disinfect all surfaces between each patient!
  • We always use protective equipment such as gloves, N-95 masks, barrier gowns, and eye-wear and never use the same pair of gloves or mask on different patients.
  • We are currently scheduling so that one patient is in the office at a time to ensure that patient-to-patient contact is absolutely limited.
  • Proper handwashing/hand sanitizing by all patients upon entry to the office as well as non-contact temperature checks  via our infrared thermometer on all patients as they enter the office
  • We are currently implementing screening questions related to possible exposure of the virus and reviewing each patient’s overall health history
  •  All patients are now administered an antiseptic mouthwash prior to any oral examination

The dental community is continuing to adjust to the rapidly changing situation with the COVID-19 pandemic. Meanwhile, our dental office will continue to adjust operations to be able to provide our patients with a quality healthcare care experience in the safest possible manner by not just following federal and state guidelines but by leading our peers in disease prevention measures. The safety of our patients, staff and community is our utmost concern. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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