Tips for Your Best Oral Health During the Summer

Tips for Your Best Oral Health During the Summer

Posted by Eldridge Dental on Jul 30 2021, 11:44 AM

Nothing is better than enjoying all of the warm weather and fun activities that happen in summer. However, during this season, many people neglect their oral health and end up paying for it later on. This season can be full of distractions and with that comes the addition of poor decisions that can lead to dental injuries and many other oral health problems. The good news is that there are many ways that you can be proactive in protecting the oral health of you and your family.



One of the most important and easily neglected aspects of oral health is nutrition. What you eat has a tremendous impact on your oral health, not only because it has an effect on the teeth on a surface level but proper nutrition can make sure that teeth have the necessary fuel to stay healthy and grow. Making sure that your kitchen is stocked with nutritious food and the avoidance of junk food and processed sugar will help greatly to promote oral health.



Another big contributor to bad oral health is accidents that happen during activities. Summer is a great time for people to get outside but unfortunately, being active can come with accidents that can lead to dental damage.

Making sure that you and your family have proper safety equipment and make good decisions is a great way to reduce incidences of oral damage. This, in the end will not only help everyone have a great and accident-free summer but will also save from having to pay costly hospital bills.



The summer is the perfect time to get into see your dentist for your examination and cleaning. Without the pressures of getting the kids out of school early it can be a great time to focus on their oral health and preventing more costly situations down the road.



Summer can be a great time to have fun, but it is also important to keep up with your oral health in order to prevent any serious problems from occurring. With all of the tips described above you and your family will have a great summer and fantastic smiles!

 IIf you still need to get in this summer to see your dentist or have had an accident that needs immediate attention call Eldridge Dental today to schedule your appointment over the phone or online!


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