Tips For Looking After Teeth This Christmas

Tips For Looking After Teeth This Christmas

Posted by ELDRIDGE DENTAL on Dec 17 2022, 08:48 AM

Christmas is a time when people indulge in several foods and drinks. It is a special occasion where families get together to celebrate. Here are some things you need to be careful about during this festive season:

Avoid Opening Gifts With Your Teeth

It can be exciting to rip open a gift, but it’s important to avoid the temptation to use your teeth. Your teeth aren’t tools; instead, keeping your hands off your teeth is the best way to keep them strong and healthy.

Using your teeth as tools to open packages and boxes can lead to unnecessary dental damage over time. It’s much better to use scissors or a knife when opening your presents this year.

Eat Healthy Snacks

Instead of indulging in sugary snacks, choose healthier options this holiday season. You can continue enjoying your favorite foods without damaging your teeth. Some good options include cheese cubes and peanut butter on celery sticks. Greek yogurt is also a good choice because it contains large amounts of calcium and protein.

If you are craving chocolate, choose dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate. Dark chocolate is the better choice because it does not stick to teeth as much as milk chocolate does. Milk chocolate also contains more sugar than dark chocolate.

Try not to eat candy or sweets between meals because they stick to your teeth and can increase your risk of tooth decay. Good oral hygiene habits are important during the holiday season so you can enjoy all the delicious food without worrying about cavities.

Rinse and Brush After Every Meal

If you’re snacking throughout the day, it’s important to still brush your teeth after each sweet or savory treat to avoid tooth decay from bacteria in your mouth. You can use sugarless gum after eating if you don’t have the chance to rinse out your mouth with water. And be sure to floss at least once a day! Flossing removes plaque that builds up between teeth that you’re unable to reach with your toothbrush.

Don’t forget to ask us about using a fluoride rinse daily to strengthen your teeth and prevent decay. You might also want to consider using an anti-bacterial mouthwash this year to keep bad breath at bay over the holidays.

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