The Five Things I Wish I Knew About Invisalign!

The Five Things I Wish I Knew About Invisalign!

Posted by Eldridge Dental on Aug 10 2020, 12:34 AM

1. How long before I see results?

It usually only takes about two to three months to notice results from your Invisalign treatment. The average course of treatment is typically a year. 

2. Speaking issues?

Invisalign can affect your speech initially causing a slight lisp. For most people its barely there but it can be more noticeable for some individuals. Most dentists recommend speaking and singing more in your aligners to help them adjust. Generally, any speech issues go away within a few days to weeks. If your speech continues to be altered let your dentist know as there may be an issue with the fit that they can correct.

3. Invisalign cost vary drastically!

The average fee in the United States is anywhere from $2,500-$6,500. This large disparity in cost is usually due to the complexity of the case. Don’t let yourself be lured into online quotes. If they haven’t seen your teeth there is no accurate way for them to tell you how much Invisalign is going to cost for your case.

4. The Invisalign Diet!

The effect of Invisalign is immediate in regards to your diet. It’s important to not snack throughout the day with your aligners in place. The dentist will typically want you to only drink water when your aligners are in. This is also a good idea as initially the aligners can cause some dry mouth. The lifestyle change of committing to your Invisalign often causes patients to report some weight loss as a result.

5. You're not too old for Invisalign!

There are a significant percentage of people using Invisalign in their 50s and 60s. Oftentimes these people feel more able to handle the commitment of using the aligners now than when they were younger and have wonderful results.

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