The Causes of Teeth Sensitivity and How to Avoid Them

The Causes of Teeth Sensitivity and How to Avoid Them

Posted by Eldridge Dental on Mar 21 2022, 08:35 AM

Tooth sensitivity occurs when the nerves are triggered by external stimuli. It leads to discomfort in the teeth and includes sudden, sharp, and shooting pain. 

Causes of Tooth Sensitivity

The following are some of the major causes that lead to the sensitivity of teeth: 

  • Brushing too Vigorously

Tooth sensitivity occurs if brushing is done with too much force. Also, brushing with a hard-bristled toothbrush can wear down the teeth’s enamel. This exposes the microscopic hollow tubes that connect the dental nerves. It results in tooth sensitivity when these tubes are exposed to extreme temperatures. 

  • Teeth Grinding

Grinding teeth can wear down the enamel even though it is the strongest substance in the body. This exposes the dentin, making the teeth sensitive. 

  • Gum Disease

One of the main reasons for tooth sensitivity is gum disease. Receding gums causes tooth sensitivity as the inflamed gum tissues pull away from the teeth. This causes sensitivity by exposing the vulnerable areas. 

  • Using Too Much Mouthwash

Mouthwashes like the whitening toothpaste contain alcohol and other chemicals. This makes the teeth more sensitive as it exposes the dentin. It is better to employ neutral fluoride rinses.  

How to Avoid Tooth Sensitivity

It is important to follow a good oral hygiene routine if you are experiencing tooth sensitivity. The following steps help to prevent and treat sensitivity: 

  • Try a Sensitizing Toothpaste 

One of the best remedies to get rid of sensitivity is to use sensitizing toothpaste. One must opt for toothpaste that is specially designed for sensitive teeth. It is also recommended to spread some toothpaste along the gum line and the exposed dentin.  

  • Avoid Problematic Foods and Beverages

Much of the sensitivity occurs from the foods and drinks that we consume. It is better to avoid them to reduce sensitivity. Acidic foods and drinks are known to increase tooth sensitivity. It is also recommended to avoid foods and drinks that are either extremely hot or cold. 

  • Check for Gum Disease

Tooth sensitivity can occur due to diseased or receding gums. The dentin is exposed when the gum tissue moves away from the enamel. This causes considerable discomfort. It is always better to consult a dentist to examine your gums. Healthy gums prevent the sensitivity of teeth and protect them. 

The professionals at Eldridge Dental examine the cause of your tooth sensitivity and treat it accordingly. We are located at 6370 N. Eldridge Pkwy, Suite B, Houston, TX, 77041. Contact us at (713) 983-0099 or visit our website for further information. 

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