The Best and Worst Food for Your Teeth

The Best and Worst Food for Your Teeth

Posted by Eldridge Dental on Jun 13 2022, 05:12 AM

Good food is essential for maintaining good dental health. It is also vital to keep a watch on consuming food that is bad for oral health. Listed below are a few of the best and worst food for the teeth. 

Best Food for the Teeth


Cheese is age-old when it comes to teeth-friendly food. The calcium and phosphorous in cheese help repair and rebuild tooth enamel. It also contains a protein called casein that can neutralize acid and discourage tooth decay.


Munching on an apple help keep your pearly whites healthy. Apples are fiber-rich and contain malic acid and tartaric acid, two compounds that help keep your teeth white by breaking up plaque.

In addition to helping whiten teeth, apples may help fight bad breath. Eating apples can increase saliva production, which will help wash away odor-causing bacteria.

Dairy products

Milk, cheese, yogurt, and other dairy products contain calcium, a substance that strengthens bones and teeth. Since many adults don’t consume enough calcium in their diet, consuming dairy products regularly can be beneficial for protecting the teeth.

Worst Food for your Teeth

Processed foods
Processed foods have tons of sugar, salt, and fat. They can lead to plaque buildup and cavities. Unfortunately, these foods are easy to turn to for snacks. Avoid things like potato chips, pretzels and cookies. Instead, opt for fresh fruits and veggies.


Sugary treats like candy and soda can wreak havoc on your oral health. They can damage your teeth and gums and increase your risk of cavities. Even sugar-free candy and gum are harmful to your teeth. 


While soda contains health benefits, it’s also a primary cause of tooth decay. The sticky, sugary substance clings to your teeth and the bacteria in your mouth feast on it. The result is cavities, also known as dental caries.

Sports drinks

Sports drinks contain high levels of acid and sugar, weakening your teeth and increasing your risk of tooth decay. They are high in calories but low in essential minerals like calcium and magnesium. Water is a much better choice for hydration.

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