Signs That It Is Time To Get Your Wisdom Teeth Extracted

Signs That It Is Time To Get Your Wisdom Teeth Extracted

Posted by Eldridge Dental on Dec 29 2021, 06:50 AM

Wisdom teeth are very interesting. Most people have them but occasionally people don’t. Not everyone needs their wisdom teeth removed but for quite a lot of individuals they cause problems and they have to go. For most people the biggest question is, how do I know if I need to have mine taken out. Most often if you are seeing your provider regularly the dentist is going to make the suggestion if it looks like they’re turning into a problem, but sometimes you have to make that call on your own. There are some signs your wisdom teeth need to go, and it’s time to pay attention.

-      Sensitivity and Pain in the Back of Your Mouth: Whether during brushing or eating if you are starting to experience pain you need to have them evaluated immediately. With wisdom teeth pain may progress to sever levels and ultimately to serious infections that may put you at a higher risk for complications during the removal process.

-      Cysts Develop in Your Mouth – If common symptoms of wisdom teeth are ignored, cysts can begin to develop. Cysts are sacs that surround the crown of the tooth and are generally responsible for the tooth formation. These sacs can become filled with fluid and will eventually destroy bone, roots and any surrounding structures.

-      Stiffness and Pain in Jaw -  Stiffness and pain can also occur around the jaw area since wisdom teeth can start to shift the teeth and jawline. Experiencing limitations with opening and moving your mouth and jaw can be an indicator of this as well.

-      Your Teeth are Becoming Progressive Less Straight - If the wisdom teeth grow in crooked, they can make the other teeth shift and move over. They might even damage the other teeth. Extraction can prevent other teeth from having any damage. One of the major theories behind why this happens is that the jaw is not big enough for those additional molars.

-      Sinus Pain – In the upper jaw occasionally the growth of the roots of those upper wisdom teeth can rub the sinuses and cause irritation. This is not a common occurrence but it may be a contributing factor if you are experiencing sinus pain and haven’t had your wisdom teeth removed.

If it has been a while since you have seen your dentist, visiting regularly can prevent painful and costly situations later down the road. If you haven’t since your dentist recently or if your experiencing any of the above symptoms call us or visit us online today to schedule your appointment and see what we can do to transform your smile!

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