Energy Drinks and Your Teeth

Energy Drinks and Your Teeth

Posted by Eldridge Dental on Feb 15 2022, 04:16 AM

Energy drinks are a popular source of energy. But, did you know that these drinks can also harm your body and your teeth? This blog helps you better understand the ingredients of an energy drink and what impact these energy drinks will have on your teeth if you consume them regularly.

For more on how you can maintain your dental health, schedule an appointment with one of our dentists at  Eldridge Dental in Houston, Texas. 

Energy Drink Ingredients

Energy drinks usually contain high amounts of caffeine. Besides caffeine, they contain large amounts of sugar and other additives and supplements. Moreover, these drinks are extremely acidic, ranging from 1.5 pH to 3.3 pH. 

This acidic environment can wear down the enamel and also expose the teeth to bacterial infections and decay. Even sugar-free energy drinks have equally negative effects as they are also highly acidic therein acting as a gateway to bacterial attacks.

Impact of Energy Drinks on Your Teeth

  • Energy drinks can cause teeth stains and discoloration. 
  • Energy drinks make your teeth more vulnerable to developing cavities as they wear down the enamel. Multiple teeth can be affected at the same time, requiring several dental procedures to correct the damage.
  • Energy drinks lead to hyperactivity. This leads to teeth grinding in some people. Teeth grinding can result in tooth fractures and breaks or even tooth loss in some cases.
  • Energy drinks are highly acidic and foster the growth of bacteria, increasing your risk of developing gum disease.

Besides being harmful to oral health, energy drinks also affect your overall health. Energy drinks overwork your heart and cause spikes in blood pressure levels. They can even affect your appearance leading to acne outbreaks or dull skin.

If you are looking for an experienced dentist that can help guide you on how to maintain your oral health and prevent damage caused by energy drinks or other foods and drinks, schedule a consultation with our dentists at Eldridge Dental in Houston, Texas. You can reach us at (713) 983-0099 or visit our office at 6370 N. Eldridge Pkwy, Suite B, Houston, TX 77041.

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